How Do You Troubleshoot “curl: (52) Empty reply from server”?

Problem scenario
You are running a curl command.  But you get this error "curl: (52) Empty reply from server."  What is the problem?

Possible solution #1
You are using curl with a port assignment in the URL (e.g.,  Try a different port.

Possible solution #2  (This solution is only relevant if the URL endpoint is supported by a Docker container.)
The docker-compose.yml file could be configured incorrectly.  It may refer to files with incorrect paths.  You may need to change the docker-compose.yml file to refer to correct paths.  An alternative solution would be to create the necessary files that the docker-compose.yml file needs and the related subdirectories that the file is looking for.  Your "docker-compose up" command may work with no errors.  But the references to the URL path may produce the "Empty reply from server" if the docker-compose.yml file refers to directory paths (e.g., for nginx listening on a specific port) in subdirectories that do not exist.

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