How Do You Troubleshoot “ERROR: Hadoop common not found” when Running Hadoop?

Problem Scenario
You run an HDFS command, but you get this message: "ERROR: Hadoop common not found"

What should you do?

As the hduser or user that runs hdfs, log in. Run "echo $HADOOP_HOME"

That directory should have a libexec directory with a file called

Run this: ls -lh $HADOOP_HOME/libexec

One way to create it is this: 1) find a file (e.g., with a "sudo find / -name" command). 2) run this command sudo ln -s /path/to/ $HADOOP_HOME/libexec/

Be mindful of the "" and "" difference; it is subtle.

(This is the for open source version and not a specific vendor's implementation of Hadoop.)

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