How Do You Troubleshoot no_manifest Being Returned by a “puppet master –configprint manifest” Command?

Problem scenario

From the Puppet master server you run this command: puppet master --configprint manifest

But it returns "no_manifest"

Manifests are working. Puppet agent nodes are receiving the changes of manifests on the Puppet master server.

This command seems to work perfectly (except for the manifest line): puppet master --configprint all

What is wrong?


Possible solution #1
The root cause could be a permissions issue. Use sudo before the command. sudo puppet master --configprint manifest

(We think that Puppet ought to engineer a change in future versions. Specifically we think this command would be much more useful if there was a display about what user, either one with sudoers privileges or without sudoers privileges, ran the command in the results.)

Possible solution #2
This is if your Puppet Master server has never worked.

Run this command:
sudo puppet master --configprint all | grep -i basemodule

You will see something like this:
basemodulepath = /etc/puppet/code/modules:/usr/share/puppet/modules

Mentally take the path from root "/" through "code". This will be the base. Change directories into this directory.

cd /etc/puppet/code
sudo mkdir -p environments/production/manifests/

Now you should be able to run sudo puppet master --configprint manifest

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