How Do You Troubleshoot Not Seeing 64 Bit Options in The “Version” Drop down Menu in Oracle VirtualBox?

Problem scenario:  Using Oracle VirtualBox on a 64 bit version of Windows, you go to create a new virtual machine as a guest server.  You want it to run a 64 bit version of Linux. You start to build the new machine using Oracle VirtualBox. You choose the "Version" and only see 32 bit options.  You have a processor (hardware) that is 64 bit.  The Windows OS is 64 bit.  But you do not see 64 bit options for the OS choices.  How do you install a 64 bit version of Linux as a guest server?

Enable VT-x (Virtual Technology VTx) in the BIOS.  One example of how to do this is here (but it is for an HP Probook only).

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