How Do You Troubleshoot the Artifactory REST API Error of a Hanging Command?

Problem scenario
You issue a call to an Artifactory URL.  You see something like this: "TCP_NODELAY set".  There is a delay, and nothing happens.  What should you do?

Does the URL have a port number in it?  The socket may be incorrect depending on what port number you use.  If you can go to the back-end of the Artifactory and install nmap, run this command to find what port Artifactory listens on:

nmap -Pn x.x.x.x  # replace x.x.x.x with the external IP address of the Artifactory server

Make sure the URL you use has the correct port number for Artifactory.

If you need assistance installing and configuring Artifactory for the first time, see this posting.

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