How Do You Troubleshoot the Vagrant Error “default: Waiting for SSH to become available.”?

Problem scenario
You run "vagrant up" and you see things stop at this stage:  "==> default: Waiting for SSH to become available..."

What should you do?

Possible Solutions
1.  Run the command again with " --debug" at the end.  This provides verbose output.  

2.  You may want to review your Vagrantfile settings.  This page helps with such a review (i.e., if you do not know what to look for).

3.  Verify that the Security Group your AWS instance is trying to connect to allows for inbound connections from the external IP address of your server.  Even if your server is an AWS EC2 instance, the Security Group must allow for inbound connections for "vagrant up" to work.  To modify the security group, find the EC-2 server's external IP address.  Run this command  curl  It will show you the external IP address if it has access to the internet.

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