How Do You Unprotect a Git Repository That Is in a GitLab Project?

Problem scenario
You have a Git repository that is protected in a GitLab project.  You want to allow developers to upload code directly to the master branch (not alternative branches).  What do you do?

It may be more advisable to work with a branch of a git repository.  This is a basic solution for testing or those instances when you want to work directly with the master branch.  

1.  Log into the web UI for GitLab.  
2.  Click on the Project that has the repository you want.
3.  On the left click on "Settings".
4.  Click on "Repository" under "Settings."  
5.  For "Protected Branches" click "Expand".
6.  Find the orange "Unprotect" button.
7.  Click "OK" to the prompt about "Branch will be writable for developers. Are you sure?"

While the above should work for GitLab on any type of server, if you need to reinstall GitLab on an Ubuntu or Debian Linux server, see this posting.

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