How Do You Use an USB-Connected Local Camera with Your Desktop Computer?

Problem Scenario
You purchased a camera that connects to your computer (e.g., a laptop) with a USB cable.  An example may be an SQ9* camera. You now want to use it.  The device connects to your laptop via a USB mini to USB A connector.  How do you view images on your desktop that are captured with the camera lense?

(This problem assumes that the camera is not plug-and-play.  In our experience, the SQ9* is not plug-and-play.) We have a solution for Windows as well as Linux users.

Solution for Microsoft Windows Users
1.  Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers.  In "Devices" you should see a camera icon. It may say "GENERAL - UVc".  If you do not see it press the "On/Off" button on the camera.  (An SD card is not necessary for basic functionality.)

2.  Install this on your Windows desktop.

3.  Open this application (e.g., WebcamViewerV1.0.exe).  Use the drop down box to find your new camera.  Then click "Connect".

Solution for Raspberry Pi (or Debian/Ubuntu Linux) Users
1.  Open a command terminal.

2.  Enter these commands:

sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt-get -y install vlc browser-plugin-vlc

3.  Run this command from the terminal to open the GUI application: vlc

4.  In the VLC media player application, go to Media -> Open Capture Device.

5.  In the Open Media sub-window, choose the option (usually the only option) for Video device name that corresponds to your camera.  choose the option (usually the only option) for Audio device name that corresponds to your camera.  

6.  Click "Play".

* Please note that we do not warrant that the night vision aspect of this camera will necessarily work.

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