How Do You Use ECR in AWS?

Problem scenario
You have heard about Amazon Elastic Container Registry.  You want to configure a Docker registry using an AWS PaaS offering.  How do you use ECR?

1.  Log into the AWS web console.
2.  Go here:
3.  Click "Get started" if you have never created a repository before.  If you have created a repository, skip to the next step.
4.  Click "Create Repository"
5.  Enter text in the "Repository name" field.
6.  Click "Next step".  
7.  Search for the word "region" on the webpage.  Make a note of the region that you are in (e.g., us-west-2).
8.  You should see something like this: "Successfully created repository"

Make a note of tha a string in this format:

9.a.  Go to the back-end of a Linux server.  To connect to this repository, install and configure AWS CLI.  If you need assistance with this, see this posting.

9.b Then run this command from that server, but substitute us-east-6 with the region found in step #7:
(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region us-east-6)

10.  The very long results from the above command is a draft of another command.  Compose this draft of a command after "sudo " (with no quotes).  Run this "sudo ..." command.

11.  You are done and now ready to upload images.  You may want to see this posting.

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