How Do You Use Python to Create a Tuple with Extracted and Nested Values from JSON Files?

Problem scenario
You have some JSON files like this:

$cat first.json
{"bird": {"name": "singy", "species": "sparrow", "amount": "45"}}

$ cat second.json
{"bird": {"name": "flighty", "species": "seagull", "amount": "21"}}

Within the "bird" key there are other keys. How do you create a tuple with the species values?

Place first.json, second.json and the Python program below (called in the same directory.

Run (with python3

import json

lof = ("first.json", "second.json")
counter = 0
t = ()

for x in lof:
  counter = counter + 1
  with open(x, "r") as reading_content:
      i =
      j = json.loads(i)
      k = j["bird"]
      l = k["species"]
      subtup = (l,)
      t = t + subtup;


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