How Do You Write the Equivalent of a “hello world” Program with Machine Learning in Python?

Problem scenario
You want to be able to say you ran a machine learning program. You know some Python basic. What do you do to write a very simple machine learning program?

This assumes that pip has been installed. If you need assistance see this posting.


1. Run this command:
sudo pip install numpy scipy scikit-learn

2. Create a file like this called

#This program was adapted from Google Developers here:
from sklearn import tree
features = [[140, 1], [130, 1], [150, 0], [170, 0]]
labels = [0, 0, 1, 1]
clf = tree.DecisionTreeClassifier()
clf =, labels)
print ("This program uses a decision tree that is part of the sklearn package")
print clf.predict([[140, 1]])
print ("Above is the pair with the 140 value and below is the pair with the 130 value")
print clf.predict([[130, 1]])
print clf.predict([[150, 0]])
print ("Above is the pair with the 150 value and below is the pair with the 170 value")
print clf.predict([[170, 0]])

3. Run it like this: python

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