How To Install CentOS Linux 7

Question:  How do you install CentOS Linux 7?

1.  Create a bootable .iso. 
2.  Insert the bootable media and boot to it.  If the media is a USB stick, boot the server to it.  For some BIOS you may need to press F12 during the splash screen after turning on the server/workstation.  When you in the boot menu, choose the device that has the bootable media.
3.  Choose the option at the top "Install CentOS Linux 7"
4.  Choose English and click "Continue" in the lower right hand corner.
5.  Click icons that have the triangle with an exclamation point near it.  It will probably just be the "Installation Destination."  In the "Local standard disks" section click the hard drive you want to install to.  Then click "Done" in the upper left hand corner.
6.  Click "Begin Installation"
7.  When it is finished, click the "Reboot" button the lower right hand corner.

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