In Azure DevOps Pipeline Test Results, Why Do You See a Release That Was Not Run in a While?

Problem scenario
You look at some previous pipelines' test results. The tests show failing tests. There is a temporal field for "Failing since" and another field called "Failing release." You have not run the release that is listed as failing in a while. Why isn't it showing the most recent release?

Possible Solution
The root cause is consecutive failures and possibly a poorly named column heading. We believe the "Failing release" field omits the word "since." We believe it could be read as "Failing since release". In other words, we think the old release name that has had a failure is listed. Therefore the test results show it has been failing ever since then. That is why you do not see the most recent release.

For more information, you may find this external site helpful.

It could be that a more recent release was successful.

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