What is a Smart Contract?

You have heard of smart contracts in cryptocurrency contexts. What is a smart contract?

It is a automated or self-executing bid to buy or sell cryptocurrency when a condition is met (e.g., a price point is reached). As with stock trading with limit orders based on price, a smart contract is the equivalent with cryptocurrency. Usually the contract will execute exactly with the parameters you set forth or more in your favor (e.g.,

What Does CMP Stand for in the Context of Internet Ads?

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In the context of websites, you read that CMP stands for Creative Management Platform. What else can CMP stand for?

In the context of cookies and privacy online, CMP refers to Consent Management Platform.

To read more about what a Consent Management Platform is see these postings:

Can the Word “Bandwidth” Be Use to Describe an Employee’s Capacity for More Work?

Is it acceptable to ask an employee if they have availability for more work by asking if they have “bandwidth”?

Yes, but not everyone will know what it means, and some people don’t care for this metaphor.




What is a Type 1 or Type 2 Company?

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You have heard about type 1 and type 2 companies. What are the differences?

We think that they are modes rather than types.

Gartner uses a word called “bimodal” to describe different patterns in the I.T. industry. Mode 1 refers to highly regulated environments whereas mode 2 refers to experimental, bleeding-edge environments. Thus a financial institution with private records would be an example of a mode 1 business.

Is the Term “Threadjacking” a Netiquette or Cybersecurity Issue?

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You have heard the term “threadjacking” in different contexts. What does it mean?

The word “threadjack” can have different meanings. It can be a netiquette issue, a cybersecurity issue, or both.

Threadjacking can refer to the practice of responding to an email thread or website posting to change the topic. These type of threadjackings have no security implication.

What Do the Terms Upstream and Downstream Mean in I.T.?

What do the terms upstream and downstream mean in I.T.?

If a project B is downstream from project A, project B has evolved from project A. In the genealogy of software/code/projects, project A is said to be upstream to project B if project A is an ancestor of project B. Project D is said to be downstream to project C if project D is a descendant of project B.

What is MEV?

What does MEV stand for in the context of cryptocurrency?

MEV means Maximal Extractable Value; it used to mean “Miner Extractable Value” according to Coindesk.com. Cryptocurrency miners solve problems and receive a reward for doing so.

If a miner is able to successfully add a block to the blockchain, they will receive … bitcoins as a reward.

What is MATIC in cryptocurrency?

What is MATIC in the context of cryptocurrency?

MATIC is Polygon’s native cryptocurrency token.

Before the project changed its name in February 2021, Polygon was known as Matic network.


MATIC is the currency of Polygon that enables users to interact with tens of thousands of dApps involved in our ecosystem. It is also used to secure the network by staking.