How Do You Troubleshoot an Apple Application That Seems to Work but Is Not Opening?

Problem scenario
Using a Mac computer your mouse becomes lost or you have an application that is open (based on the black dot underneath its icon), but you cannot find the application. Your computer thinks the application is open, but it is not. What should you do?

Is your laptop connected to another monitor? If an HDMI cable is connected to the laptop and that monitor is off or hidden,

Can an Apple Magic Keyboard Work with a Windows Computer?

Can an Apple Magic Keyboard work with a Windows computer?

Yes. An Apple Magic Keyboard will work with a Windows 10 desktop/laptop. It is plug and play too. We tried it with the USB cable initially. After that the wireless functionality was normal. (We tried this in December of 2020.) You can buy a Magic Keyboard here.

How Do You Solve the MacOS Command Line Error “No Java runtime present…”?

Problem scenario
Using a MacOS, you are trying to run a command (e.g., a “java” command) from the Terminal utility (character prompt). You get the message “No Java runtime present”, and the command fails. What should you do?

Using the GUI, download the .dmg file from here.

Once it is downloaded, double click it. Follow the menu steps (Continue ->

How Do You Find the Menu Option, Button or Feature for an Application in MacOS?

Problem scenario
You are using a familiar application on a Mac. You cannot find a basic command button or menu option. What should you do?

At the very top of your screen, outside of the application itself, there is a ribbon. There should be drop down menu options specific for the application.

We find that some problems are caused because of time pressure.

How Do You Find the Vertical Scroll Bar to Browse Emails in Apple Mail?

Problem Scenario
You are using Apple Mail. You want to scroll up and down to see the senders and subjects of emails. You cannot find the vertical scroll bar. What should you do?

Increase or decrease the window’s vertical length by clicking and holding a horizontal edge of the window with the mouse and moving the edge in one direction.

How Do You See the Desktop of a Mac when Using an Atypical Keyboard?

Problem scenario
You want to minimize all your Mac applications to view the desktop only. But you are using a non-standard keyboard. With a Microsoft keyboard (or some non-Apple keyboard), how do you see the desktop on a Mac?

Hold Fn and tap F11. (With a normal Mac keyboard, holding Command and tapping F3 works.)

How Do You Configure an External Monitor’s Placement with a Macbook Pro?

Problem scenario
You have a Mac laptop. You have connected a separate monitor. To get your mouse one the screen, you have to move the direction of the mouse in a different direction relative to the physical location of where you see this external monitor. You have to commit to memory where to move the mouse. You want the external monitor to be mouse-reachable in the direction that it is in front of you.