OpenStack and Virtualization API Quiz

1.  Generic API Question
What are the HTTP operations associated with the acronym CRUD?

2.  OpenStack API Question
Assuming a verbose amount of logging has been preconfigured, does the API log for glance ordinarily capture glance activity from the CLI (commands that bypass horizon)?  As a hint, the default location of this log is this:  /var/log/glance/api.log

3.  OpenStack API Question
The "Create Image" feature in Horizon is an API call with an underlying "Post" call.  Assuming a verbose amount of logging has been preconfigured, when a user clicks the "Create Image" button, will the underlying Post activity be captured in the /var/log/apache2/horizon_access.log ?

4.  OpenStack API Question
How is neutron different from nova-network?

5.  OpenStack API Question
Are OpenStack APIs for Swift most commonly written in the Swift programming languages?

6.  VMware API Question
vRealize Orchestrator APIs cover what percentage of vSphere APIs?

7.  VMware API Question
vRealize Orchestrator APIs cover what percentage of VMware vCloud Director APIs?

8.  VMware API Question
What is vAPI?

9.  Generic OpenStack Question
When someone on an OpenStack API conference call refers to a word that is pronounced "moss" what might she be referring to?

10.  Generic Virtualization Question
What is virtualization on virtualization called (when a guest virtual machine's host is a virtual server itself)?

11.  OpenStack API Question
Which of the following three are the most common types of request and response parameters involved with OpenStack APIs?

a) XSD Lists
b) XSD Strings
c) XSD Dicts
d) JSON strings
e) JSON integers
f) Python strings
g) Python integers

12.  API Virtualization Question
Which AWS tool primarily functions to monitor and record API activity in a given AWS account?

a) Amazon CloudWatch
b) Amazon CloudFormation
c) Amazon CloudTrail
d) Amazon AppStream

13.  Generic API Question
Django's REST framework includes API requests with responses that are only in unbrowsable JSON?

14.  OpenStack API Question
Does the OpenStack API include the Patch HTTP request?

15.  AWS API Question
Can AWS Gateway API endpoints (URLs) be isolated within a Virtual Private Cloud and hidden from the Internet?

16.  General API Question
Is service virtualization not useful during development yet useful in production?

17.  AWS API Question
When automating AWS operations with the AWS API Gateway, as with AWS SDKs and the AWS CLI, there is no need to sign the request?

18.  AWS API Question
For AWS, what is the difference between a t2 instance and a t1 instance?

a.  t1 instances are more compute optimized
b.  t2 instances are more compute optimized
c.  t1 instances are "previous generation instances"
d.  t2 instances are "previous generation instances"

19.   General REST API Question
What is the name of the project to standardize REST APIs?

a.  The Swagger Specification
b.  The OpenAPI Initiative
c.  The Reverb Initiative
d.  The Wordnik Initiative
e.  The REST Model

20.  General REST API Question
What technology supports XML and JSON for Restful APIs that has the initials "HAL"?

a.  Hypertext Application Language
b.  Hypermedia Application Language
c.  Hardware Abstraction Layer
d.  Hybrid Automation Layer

21.  General REST API Question
There are three levels of RESTful web services.  Which level is concerned with self-documentation, verbs, and resources?

Level 1 is concerned with ______________?
Level 2 is concerned with ______________?
Level 3 is concerned with ______________?

22.  Virtualization API Question
What is the virtualization API tool that supports the LXC Linux container system, the Xen hypervisor on Linux servers, and the KVM/QEMU Linux hypervisor?

a.  cffi
b.  Bhyve
c.  oVirt
d.  libvirt

23.  General Virtualization Question
Which of the following is a tool that provides centralized management for virtual servers?

b.  Bhyve
c.  oVirt
e.  Requests

24.  General Virtualization Question
virsh is part of which tool?

b.  Bhyve
c.  oVirt
e.  libvirt

25.  What does the term REST stand for?


26.  General Restful API Question
What is an HTTP library for Python?

b.  Bhyve
c.  oVirt
e.  Requests

27. General Virtualization Question
What does BaaS stand for?

a. Backend-as-a-Service
b. Balancer-as-a-Service
c. Box-as-a-Service
d. Bytes-as-a-Service

28. Generic REST API Question
REST APIs support direct bilateral communication. Is this true or false?


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