OpenStack Sahara Documentation

Some open source projects don't always listen to contributors' feedback.  We reported a couple errors that we found in OpenStack documentation to  Here are the errors we saw (as of 2/2/17):

#1  If you go to this link, you'll find two "Storm EDP" links:

One points to this link:

We see no reason why the title/header of this above page is "Storm EDP" and not "Storm Scaling."  My attempt at a contribution was to not have two "Storm EDP" links in the first link of this post. 

#2  We found this ungrammatical sentence here (which needs the word "needs" instead of "need"):
"Sahara need more flexible way to work with security groups."  This was taken from:

The OpenStack Foundation probably has limited resources.  But if they had a way to listen to each person's contributions, progress would be more rapid.  The more requests are ignored, the less likely contributions will be made.

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