Infrastructure as Code and Architecting Server Environments for Automatic Replication

Infrastructure as Code is often associated with “Continuous Configuration Automation.”  We think the term should be “Continual Configuration Automation.”

There are four popular tools to rapidly provision cloud infrastructure using templates: Azure Resource Manager, CloudFormation, Terraform, and Heat.  Three of these tools each support two different types of template files for provisioning servers.

The Apparent Story Behind OpenStack Component Log File Names

AWS used to have a separate API package from their CLI package; now the two are the same.  OpenStack components’ command line interface activity is captured in a log when proper thresholds are set (e.g., nova.conf, glance.conf etc.) and later met.  CLI activity (which bypasses Horizon) as well as GUI API activity (e.g., mouse clicks on buttons in Horizon) is written to a file named api.log.  The location of this api.log file follows this convention: /var/log/OpenStackComponentName/api.log (where “OpenStackComponentName” is nova,

OpenStack Wikipedia Article: Sahara Paragraph Updated

I edited Wikipedia’s OpenStack Article found here.  This is the paragraph for Sahara as I found it on 4/5/16:
“Sahara aims to provide users with simple means to provision Hadoop clusters by specifying several parameters like Hadoop version, cluster topology, nodes hardware details and a few more. After a user fills all the parameters, Sahara deploys the cluster in a few minutes. Sahara also provides means to scale an already-provisioned cluster by adding and removing worker nodes on demand.”
This is what I revised it to be:
“Sahara is a component to easily and rapidly provision Hadoop clusters.

OpenStack Sahara Documentation

Some open source projects don’t always listen to contributors’ feedback.  We reported a couple errors that we found in OpenStack documentation to  Here are the errors we saw (as of 2/2/17):

#1  If you go to this link, you’ll find two “Storm EDP” links:

One points to this link:

We see no reason why the title/header of this above page is “Storm EDP” and not “Storm Scaling.”  My attempt at a contribution was to not have two “Storm EDP” links in the first link of this post. 

OpenStack and Virtualization API Quiz

1.  Generic API Question
What are the HTTP operations associated with the acronym CRUD?

2.  OpenStack API Question
Assuming a verbose amount of logging has been preconfigured, does the API log for glance ordinarily capture glance activity from the CLI (commands that bypass horizon)?  As a hint, the default location of this log is this:  /var/log/glance/api.log

3.  OpenStack API Question
The “Create Image” feature in Horizon is an API call with an underlying “Post” call.