Puppet IIS Module Troubleshooting

Update on 3/30/17:  The Puppet IIS module has been updated, and the problem below has been eliminated.

Problem scenario:  You want Puppet to install IIS.  You install the IIS module and find the README.md file has this Puppet DSL (as of 12/13/16):

class mywebsite {
  iis::manage_app_pool {'my_application_pool':
    enable_32_bit           => true,
    managed_runtime_version => 'v4.0',
   iis::manage_site {'www.mysite.com':
    site_path     => 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite',
    site_id       => '10'
    port          => '80',
    ip_address    => '*',
    host_header   => 'www.mysite.com',
    app_pool      => 'my_application_pool'

It is also found on https://forge.puppet.com/puppet/iis

Why is there no comma after site_id? 

Solution:  This appears to be a typo in the syntax.  Any line besides the last should have a comma after it.  The open source movement has numerous advantages.  However, sometimes the community has to keep after the discovery of errors to make things work.

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