Should You Buy Platinum as an Investment?

Problem scenario
You are contemplating buying platinum. Should you purchase platinum to potentially make money?

Maybe. Platinum is affordable compared to gold as of 2/26/24. If you want to learn about the typical ratio of platinum to gold prices, see This website says "[t]he highest annual value recorded for the platinum gold ratio was a spike to 6.63 in 1968."

According to, platinum costs $885.73 per oz (as of 2/26/24). According to, gold costs $2,032.46 (as of 2/26/24).

As of 2/26/24, the platinum-to-gold price ratio (ounce-to-ounce) is 0.44. It is not clear if the price of gold will drop, platinum will increase, or if there will be a new normal in the platinum-to-gold price ratio.

The automotive industry creates the biggest demand for platinum according to

According to the biggest source of demand for platinum in the automobile sector comes from light duty diesel vehicles. Will these specialized vehicles be replaced by electric vehicles or some other technology that needs no platinum? No one knows for sure if or when this will happen. Will environmental standards be raised to increase the need for more platinum per vehicle in the mid-term? This is possible, but no one knows certainly what the price of platinum will be in the 2030s. There are non-automobile uses of platinum.

You can buy platinum on Amazon if you think platinum will rise.

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