Was Damar Hamlin Much Smaller than the Opponent Player in the Collision that Caused a Traumatic Injury?

Was Buffalo Bills player #3 Damar Hamlin much smaller than the offensive player Cincinnati Bengals player #85 Tee Higgins?


Damar Hamlin is 6'1" (according to the NFL website).

At 201 pounds he was only 15 pounds lighter than the offensive player Tee Higgins (according to the NFL website) whose shoulder pad hit Dama Hamlin's chest.

From an NFL fan's perspective, the hit appeared to be normal. Some people think that defensive players are in less jeopardy of being hurt, but sometimes that is not true.

To learn more, see this CNN's page here or APnews.com here.

To see the hit itself, see this video:

It was a highly anticipated game with two of the best teams in the league playing on Monday night. They were playing on the homefield of the team with the worse record.

As a learning experience, the NFL ominously said he on their prospect page for Hamlin that he was "missing the mark as an open-field tackler."

The tackle on 1/2/23 seemed to be more of an "open field" tackle.
We hope Damar Hamlin will be OK.

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