What Can Be Done to Enhance the Reliability and Performance of a Jira Server?

Problem scenario
You find that your Jira is very slow and sometimes stalls or hangs when it is being used.  The Linux back-end of the Jira server shows considerable CPU and memory constraints.  When Jira is up on the back end you use the Linux "top" command, you find that the CPU and RAM are being heavily utilized.  You want to optimize the system for improved performance.  How can Jira perform well without stalling or putting as high of server load after the installation?

The official UI library for Jira includes React components.*  Some people find that React.JS performs well without excessive CPU or RAM utilization, but others say it consumes considerable CPU and memory compared to other competing technologies.**  To some extent how the UI was customized will determine its performance.  You may want to hire a Jira expert or consult with the bulleted links below in this posting.

While we know that Atlassian documentation recommends 500 MB to 1 GB of RAM for a Jira deployment, we found that even the upper recommended minimum of 1 GB of memory is not enough.  We found Jira performs best when there is 3 GB of memory available (even if 2 GB of this is merely virtual memory).  To learn how to add 2 GB of virtual memory to your Linux server, see this posting.  If you are using AWS and you need more RAM, see this posting for directions on how to upgrade the flavor of the server while retaining the hard disk, OS and files.  If you want to add RAM to your GCP server, see this posting for directions on how to resize your server while retaining your OS and files.  

If you have ample memory available in your Jira server already, see these links for further information:

*The 3/27/18 link here indicates that the design guidelines include the Atlaskit.  The Atlaskit is described as "Atlassian's official UI library, built according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines" (taken from http://atlaskit.atlassian.com).  Furthermore this link https://atlaskit.atlassian.com/packages shows that the Atlaskit includes React components.  Thus taken as a whole we know that Jira's official UI library includes React components.  This non-Atlassian link corroborates this.

**  These four links help delve into the details of React's performance:

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