What Can You Do if Your Throat Constricts when Eating?

Problem scenario
Your throat seems to tighten if you eat something dry. What can you do to prevent this? What should you do if your throat constricts?

If there is an obstruction, a strong cough can help. Drinking cold water can help.

While people may use less sauce than a dish was designed for (because of health reasons), some meals, or bites of meals, cause someone to feel like they are choking. To avoid choking, it may be advisable to have chilled water nearby. Cold water can reduce inflammation and soothe a throat. As people age, they salivate less. To avoid choking when eating something dry, place a jug of water in a refrigerator to conveniently have ample cold water.

It could be that there is something else wrong. This article is not medical advice. It is informational; you may want to consult with a doctor.

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