What Can You Do to Set up Jira when It Hangs Forever with No Error Messages?

Problem scenario
You connect your Jira instance to an empty SQL database.  For the first time you log into the web UI to set things up.  When you try to create a task, project or story, the web UI hangs forever.  If you close out of the web UI, you have to start all over.  

What do you do when you first connect to a Jira instance via its web UI and it prompts you for a language and other initial settings but hangs when you try to create a task or story?

Possible Solution #1
Bypass any intermediate device such as a reverse proxy, load balancer or VIP.   Try to connect directly to the Jira instance. 

Possible Solution #2
1.  Log into the web UI as an administrator.  
2.  Go to the gear/sprocket icon in the upper right hand corner and click that icon.
3.  Go to System.
4.  Go to System Info.  
5.  Click on the option to "Force garbage collection."
6.   Now try again.

Possible Solution #3
Configure the OS or Jira to never use swap memory (or virtual memory).  (For the OS change, you could look at this posting to get an idea of how to do this; this posting does focus on adding swap space.  But it could be beneficial to figuring out how to eliminate it from the OS entirely.  You may prefer to try to configure Jira so it never uses virtual memory.)

Possible Solution #4
Try a different web browser.  Chrome may allow Jira to work if you were having a problem with a different web browser.

Possible Solution #5
This possible solution is especially advisable if you are receiving a "Detected URL scheme https does not match the expected scheme http" error in the web UI at the time you log in.  Modify the server.xml file -- but don't just uncomment the multi-line comment sections.  Modify the top "catalina" section of server.xml.  Verify the settings are correct for your environment.  You may want to look at documentation on Atlassian.com to verify your settings are acceptable.

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