What Can You Do when Your Weightlifting Shoes Are Too Tight?

Problem scenario
You bought new weightlifting shoes. They seem to tight. They are not comfortable. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
If only one shoe feels too tight, can you see if the tongue is double-up or folded on one side? By flattening it or unravelling it, that may help.

Possible Solution #2
Can you make the velcro strap connect without as much force and tightness?

Possible Solution #3
Loosening the strap(s) or re-tying your shoes in a looser way may help. If it is the first time you have worn weightlifting shoes, there is a good chance they are the right size. Sometimes you may need to buy a bigger size. We think you should try finding a balance between support and comfort. You may need to wear them for a couple weeks to realize that that is how they are supposed to feel.

Possible Solution #4
You could try a two-strap shoe which can distribute the support better in a more contoured way.

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