What Do You Do when ImportExportTools is Not an Option in Thunderbird?

Problem scenario
You installed ImportExportTolls NG, the add-on in Mozilla Thunderbird. In Thunderbird you go to Tools, but "ImportExportTools" or "ImportExportTools NG" is not visible. What do you do?

You need to have a mailbox -- even an empty mailbox -- configured. This will import all the messages you are trying to import into that mailbox. The hamburger icon's Tools -> Import, won't work. Once you have a mailbox configured, right click the top option and go to "ImportExportTools NG".

One way to configure a dummy mailbox is to use the trial version of Thunderbird Import Wizard here: https://www.emaildoctor.org/add/thunderbird-mbox.html

You can feed it (or utilize) a .mbox file to import 25 messages. This will get you started.

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