What Does It Mean When a Search in ServiceNow Returns “No records found”?

Problem scenario
In ServiceNow you search for an item, but the searches return "No records found."  You are given a hyperlink to a case, but you see "Record not found" despite being logged into the web UI for ServiceNow.  What is going on or what is wrong?

It is possible that the hyperlink had a typo or that the search term literally could not find a matching record.  But there is another explanation that is possible.

It could by that you do not have membership to the appropriate group (behind-the-scenes thus you have no visibility to it).  The behavior you find in ServiceNow could be attributable to your account not having insufficient permissions.   ServiceNow has a SQL database on the back-end.  Ask your ServiceNow administrator to see if your account is a member of the Access Control List.  You may want to post a question on community.servicenow.com or look here.

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