What Is a Quick Way to Get All of Your Emails in One File from a Web-based Email Provider?

Problem scenario
You have a web-based email provider.  You want to save all of your emails in one location quickly.  How do you download them into one file?

If there are maximum size limits for sending a single email (e.g., 25 MB), this method may not work if all of your emails put together exceed this size limit.*

1.  Click an option to select all emails.  Find a mail icon with a down arrow on the top column and click it with the mouse.  Choose "All".

2.  Then right click one of the highlighted emails and choose "Forward as attachment."  

3.  Forward your emails to yourself or save it as a draft.  

4.  When this email arrives or from your Drafts folder, select the check box for this email and choose "Download (.eml)".  Now you should have a file with all of your emails.

*  Alternatives may include using Outlook or Thunderbird to manipulate your email.  Some web-based email providers support Outlook or Thunderbird configurations.

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