What is a Type 1 or Type 2 Company?

Problem scenario
You have heard about type 1 and type 2 companies. What are the differences?

We think that they are modes rather than types.

Gartner uses a word called "bimodal" to describe different patterns in the I.T. industry. Mode 1 refers to highly regulated environments whereas mode 2 refers to experimental, bleeding-edge environments. Thus a financial institution with private records would be an example of a mode 1 business. A video game designing company would be an example of a mode 2 business.

Mode 2 businesses may have a "bring your own device" policy whereas a mode 1 business may require development without access to the internet. In a mode 1 environment, software packages (such as .deb or .rpm packages or clones from GitHub) may require a security team to review and approve.

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