What Is an ARM in Modern Information Technology Vernacular?

What Is an ARM in Modern Information Technology Vernacular?

Answer / Disambiguation
In I.T. jargon the term ARM can refer to a number of different things.  Here are some potential definitions of this acronym in random order:

#1  Azure Resource Manager is a component of Azure.  It can be interacted with in the console if you log into a Azure via a web browser.  ARM Templates are JSON files that can programmatically create servers, NICs, subnets etc.

#2 a) ARM can stand for an Advanced RISC Machine.  In I.T. RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computing.  RISC technology is not limited to mobile devices.  IBM's AIX Unix servers leverage RISC architecture.  Sources include TechTarget and Wikipedia

#2 b) ARM could refer to the global technology company referred to as ARM Limited or ARM Holdings.

#2 c) Acorn RISC Machine.

#3  Application Response Measurement which is "an open standard published by the Open Group for monitoring and diagnosing performance bottlenecks within complex enterprise applications that use loosely-coupled designs or service-oriented architectures."  This quote was taken from Wikipedia's article on the subject.

#4  Asynchronous Response Mode.  This term is rare however.

#5  Adaptive and Reflective Middleware.   An annual workshop on this topic has been happening since 2004.  To learn more about the workshop itself see the Cyber Physical Systems Virtual Organization website.

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