What is Pipelinization in Technology/Computing?

In I.T. what is pipelinization?

Answer / Disambiguation
The configuration, creation, or execution of a repeatable process that involves a series of stages with a start and finish. Another definition of pipelinization would be making a procedure into a controlled stream (for reproducibility for parallel and independent development or parallel and increased throughput of the original process). A final definition would be adopting a manual or automated process by developing a sequence of substeps for a [batch] job to incrementally pass through. The pipeline could be a cyclic (a circular process) or acyclic (uni-directional) graph.

The three pipelinizations below refer to pipelines; none of those pipelines are operating system pipes (that convey output from one process to another process). The pipelines below are uni-directional.

Pipelinization for the CI/CD pipeline:
It is the transformation of a process into a pipeline. A pipeline is a sequence of operations usually across multiple servers or pods to build, compile, test, and release software code. It can be managed by a tool such as Jenkins, GitLab, TravisCI, CircleCI, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, AWS tools such as CodeBuild & CodePipeline, or others. A pipeline can be triggered automatically based on an event (a certain time of day or code being checked into a repository) or run manually.

Pipelines can create infrastructure (e.g., with Terraform), virtual networks, send automated messages, perform QA tests, and release software to multiple environments including production.

Pipelinization for an ETL process:
The implementation of a repeatable extract-transform-load (ETL) process. An ETL pipeline is a process where data is taken from one format (e.g. such as a .csv file), cleansed or modified so it can be inserted into a database table, and finally injected into the database table. Some database loads happen in an ad hoc way. To create a configuration or a platform for the integration of this loading of data into a database such that it happens on a regular basis or from a manually triggering is the pipelinization of an ETL process.

Pipelinization for programming a given processor:
Pipelinization is the utilization of parallel processing -- sending instructions to a CPU in a way that maximizes the efficiency and overall capabilities of the CPU itself. Pipelining is the sophisticated programmatic design of sending of instructions to a CPU for parallel computations to leverage superior memory of a computer. CPU registers have faster memory than the CPU's cache which is better than RAM (1). The slowest memory is that of virtual memory (saved to disk) (1). Thrashing is the I/O activity that happens in virtual memory.

(1) https://www.elprocus.com/memory-hierarchy-in-computer-architecture/
For processing, "[p]ipelining is a method to obtain high efficiency for processes inside computers." (Page 2 of The Art of High Performance Computing for Computational Science.)

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