What Type of Speaker Works Wirelessly with a Laptop and Provides a Better Sound Than Twangy Speakers?

Problem scenario
For travel it is nice to have a way to listen to music or spoken word instructions (e.g., technical, job-related audio) without head phones and not rely on twangy, lower-power laptop speakers.  What type of speaker is not too heavy or big, is of a high quality, and will work wirelessly with a laptop?

The Sharper Image SBT605OR Speaker.  The Halloween motif makes it findable in a dark room.  For career pursuits it is inadvisable to accumulate big or heavy audio equipment.  From lost job opportunities to greener pastures with long distance relocations, a professional never knows what tomorrow holds.  Do not be immobilized with your valuables.  This speaker strikes a balance with life's demands and being able to hear something well.

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