Where Can You Find the build_rust.sh Script?

Problem scenario
You want to use Rust and Incubed (the Blockchains in3 crate). You search for "build_rust.sh", but you find irrelevant build-rust.sh files. How do you find the one with the underscore (or underbar) and not the hyphen/dash?

Here is the content:

cd ..
mkdir -p rust/in3-sys/in3-core
mkdir -p rust/in3-sys/in3-core/c
cp -r c/CMakeLists.txt c/macro.cmake c/compiler.cmake c/docs c/src c/include rust/in3-sys/in3-core/c/
cp CMakeLists.txt rust/in3-sys/in3-core/
cd rust && cargo clean && cargo build
cd ../scripts

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