Will the Price of Bitcoin be Cut in Half at the Halving?

You heard about the Bitcoin halving. Will the price be cut in half or will the quantity of Bitcoin in circulation be cut in half when the halving happens?

Neither of those things will happen. New Bitcoins are awarded to miners regularly. When the "halving" happens, the Bitcoin reward for mining will be cut in half. Halving is not the total supply of Bitcoin nor the price of Bitcoin. Halving is a reference to the quantity of Bitcoin given to the miners for allowing the blockchain to be built and transactions to take place.

The market will determine the price of Bitcoin. Historically, the price of Bitcoin has gone up considerably after the a halving occurs.

As of early March 2024, miners will get 6.25 BTC for every block mined [1]. After the halving, they will get only 3.125 BTC for every block mined [2]. As of March 2024, "blocks are mined about every 10 minutes" [1].

Marathon Digital is a large Bitcoin mining company in the U.S. [3]. Their stock price has surged in the past 12 months. Other bitcoin mining companies include those that trade under the following symbols BTBT, BITF, HUT, and CLSK.

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