When You Boot a Laptop, You Cannot Use a Wireless Keyboard; What Should You Do?

Problem scenario
In a preboot menu, you want to use your wireless keyboard. You want to select an option, but only the keyboard attached to the laptop works. What do you do?

Can you boot the laptop without a USB splitter attached? If a four-port USB splitter is plugged in, this may interfere in the preboot menu with your ability to use a wireless keyboard. If you can power it off during the boot process, or unplug it from a USB port while your laptop powers on, this should help.

How Do You Fix “Failed to start docker.service. Unit docker.socket is masked”?

Problem scenario
You try to start the Docker service (e.g., with sudo systemctl start docker). You get this error: "Failed to start docker.service. Unit docker.socket is masked"

What should you do?

Possible solution #1

sudo systemctl unmask docker.socket
sudo systemctl unmask docker.service

This solution was adapted from this blog.

Possible solution #2
Uninstall Docker. Install Docker via the docker-ce repo. If you install a different version of Docker, you may be able to get around this error.

How Do You Place Advertisement Banners in Your WordPress Website?

Problem Scenario
You have some rectangular icon image files that are advertisements. You want to post them for your advertiser in your WordPress website. What should you do?

Possible Solution #1 (if you can provide CSS code)
1. Log into WordPress
2. Appearance -> Themes
3. Find which theme is active and click "Customize".
4. Click "Additional CSS"
5. Insert the CSS code you want
6. Optional: if you need to upload an image, click "Site Identity", click "Upload files", then upload the file you want.

Possible Solution #2
Log into WordPress. Go to Settings -> Ad Inserter. There will be different tabs for different blocks.

What Typically Goes into /media in Linux?

Problem scenario
You want to know about the FHS in Linux. You see the /media directory (aka partition). What usually goes into /media?

CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMS, floppy disks etc. It is an optional directory that some Linuxes don't have. Page 212 of CompTIA Linux+ Complete Study Guide (by Roderick W. Smith published in 2010) by Sybex has more information

How Do You Troubleshoot “/usr/bin/java no such file or directory”?

Problem scenario
You run java commands but you get the error "/usr/bin/java no such file or directory." What should you do?

Possible Solution #1
Reinstall Java.

Possible Solution #2
You may have deleted a linked file. To find the destination file, run this:

sudo find / -name java -type f

Based on the results, run a variation of this command draft (but substitute "/path/to/file/from/above/java" with the full path of the file found in the above command):

Then run this command (but substitute according to the results of the original "sudo find" command):

sudo ln -s /path/to/file/from/above/java /usr/bin/java

What is a Type 1 or Type 2 Company?

Problem scenario
You have heard about type 1 and type 2 companies. What are the differences?

We think that they are modes rather than types.

Gartner uses a word called "bimodal" to describe different patterns in the I.T. industry. Mode 1 refers to highly regulated environments whereas mode 2 refers to experimental, bleeding-edge environments. Thus a financial institution with private records would be an example of a mode 1 business. A video game designing company would be an example of a mode 2 business.

Mode 2 businesses may have a "bring your own device" policy whereas a mode 1 business may require development without access to the internet. In a mode 1 environment, software packages (such as .deb or .rpm packages or clones from GitHub) may require a security team to review and approve.