Security Quiz

1. Most security vulnerabilities are from new or previously unknown problems. True or False?

2. What is one of the protocols IPsec uses to secure IP layer communications?


3. What is defense in depth (or DiD)?

a. A type of highly-secure cryptography for data at rest.
b. A type of highly-secure cryptography for data in transit.
c. Both of the above.

Miscellaneous Programming Quiz

(This quiz does not cover object-oriented programming or sorting algorithms. For a Python quiz, see this.)

1. What is a sink in a directed graph?

2. What is the difference between a vertex and a node?

3. Space complexity of a program, or its memory usage requirements, are often irrelevant compared to the computational complexity of the solution.

AWS Quiz

1. Which is one of the five pillars of a well-architected AWS framework?

a. Archived versions (of IaC)
b. Disaster Recovery
c. Monitoring
d. Performance Efficiency
e. None of the above

2. Signature version 4 is which of the following?

a. A certificate file from Amazon Web Security.
b. An SSL public key for AWS.
c. An SSL private key for AWS.

Terraform Quiz

Test your knowledge of Terraform. (Updated on 1/7/22.)

1. What is the remote state in Terraform?

2. What underlying tools support the Terraform Application Layer?

a. Java and C++
b. C++ and C
c. Ruby on Rails and Go
d. Groovy and Grails
e. Python, Apache Tomcat, and Maven
f. Flask and Python
g. Perl and Nginx

Big Data Quiz

Big Data Quiz

1.  What does EDH stand for?

a.  Enterprise Data Hub
b.  Extract Develop Hadoop
c.  Extract Decide Haul
d.  Extract Data Hadoop

2.  Gartner, Informatica and MapR think “data lakes” should be referred to as what?

a.  data warehouses
b.  data dams
c.  data mills
d.  data reservoirs

3.  MapReduce is to Hadoop as ___________ is to Spark


Python Quiz

(For the DevOps and ETL Quiz, click here.)

Python Quiz

1.  What is an iterator in Python?

A)  A stream of data that is manipulated or interacted with as an object.
B)  A function that returns a namespace.
C)  A module of nested objects.
D)  A function that returns packages.

2.  Which module in Python allows you to translate strings to and from binary formats?