Terraform Quiz

Test your knowledge of Terraform.

1. What is the remote state in Terraform?

2. What underlying tools support the Terraform Application Layer?

a. Java and C++
b. C++ and C
c. Ruby on Rails and Go
d. Groovy and Grails
e. Python, Apache Tomcat, and Maven
f. Flask and Python
g. Perl and Nginx
h. None of the above; technically no such layer exists

3. Terraform Enterprise has which of the following two layers besides the Coordination Layer? Choose two.

a. Outer Layer
b. Application Layer
c. Middle Layer
d. Storage Layer
e. Web Layer
f. Messaging Layer
g. Inner Layer
h. Database Layer

4. Which tools are underlying components of the Coordination Layer of Terraform Enterprise?

a. Angular
b. Redis
c. Docker
d. HBase
e. etcd
f. Flannel
g. Qpid
h. RabbitMQ
i. Apache Parquet
j. ActiveMQ
k. Kubernetes
l. React
m. MongoDB
n. ZeroMQ

Choose two.

5. PostgreSQL, Blob storage and HashiCorp Vault are components of which Terraform Enterprise layer?

a. Application Layer
b. Storage Layer
c. Coordination Layer
d. Database Layer
e. Outer Layer
f. Web Layer
g. Messaging Layer
h. Middle Layer
i. Inner Layer

6. Terraform Enterprise Core, Services and Terraform Workers (all three of these) comprise which of the following?

a. Application Layer
b. Outer Layer
c. Coordination Layer
d. Database Layer
e. Storage Layer
f. Web Layer
g. Messaging Layer
h. Middle Layer
i. Inner Layer

7. Which is the equivalent of a dry-run of Terraform?

a. Policy test
b. Plan
c. Fake
d. Taint
e. No state

8. Which of the following signifies the marking of a resource to be destroyed and eventually re-created in Terraform (as opposed to the incremental steps of an "apply")?

a. Rebuild Flag
b. Plan Mark
c. takedown-takeup
d. Taint
e. Degrade
f. Start-over
g. Redo shade

9. Where are Terraform state files stored by default?

a. The /tmp directory in Linux and the /%temp%/ directory in Windows
b. The root directory of the Terraform application installation
c. The local-remote state
d. The current working directory

10. What Terraform status word refers to a resource that should have been deleted but has not been deleted because of an erroneous run of "tf apply"?

The definition of the word is as follows:
"This status tracks a resource that was marked for deletion, but still remains in the Terraform state and infrastructure due an error from a previous apply."

Which word is it?

a. Critical
b. Deceased
c. Degraded
d. Deposed
e. Emergency
f. Err
g. Nullified
h. Transfigured
i. Transposed
j. Tainted

11. What is a workspace in Terraform?

a. Any directory that you are in where you run a terraform command.
b. A repository in a code versioning system that stores Terraform files.
c. A cache in memory for the Terraform state.
d. A subsection of a backend. The place where persistent data is stored in the backend. (The backend is either a local location on the Terraform server or a remote, centralized location for Terraform files.)
e. A subsection of Terraform Cloud's.

12. Which of the following can be providers for Terraform?

a. VMware vSphere
b. F5 BIG-IP
c. Bitbucket
d. Chef
e. All of the above

13. What is a module in Terraform? Choose two.

a. A parser for the TF state file.
b. An atomic element of a desired state of configuration.
c. A group of resources.
d. The variable settings of a compiled file.
e. A .tf file that is invoked when another .tf file is being applied.
f. A binary file compiled from another .tf file.
g. A reusable .tf file that involves one or more variables.
h. Stand-alone group of Terraform resource configurations.

14. Which command will give you an interactive command prompt for Terraform the fastest way?

a. Run "terraform fmt"
b. Run "terraform console"
c. Run "terraform state"
d. Develop a solution yourself that is customized.

15. To consume the output of a "terraform graph" command you redirect the output to a flat file. What is the recommended tool to view create an .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) file?

a. format
b. Gnome rasterizer
c. GraphViz
d. Kibana transition

16. What are callbacks in Terraform?

a. Options to rollback the changes Terraform makes.
b. One or more URLs in a .tf file.
c. Links between Terraform resources.
d. Links between Terraform modules.
e. .tf files that are used once a state file has been applied.

17. What is user data?

a. A set of commands that run when an AWS EC-2 instance boots for the first time.
b. A set of commands that run when a new VM boots for the first time.
c. All of the above.
d. None of the above.

18. What is the Terraform registry?

a. A website hosted on terraform.io that is also integrated with the Terraform product to provide a collection of Terraform modules.
b. An internal, private component of Terraform Enterprise edition that hosts .tf files for multiple people to use.
c. The list of initialized resource configurations on a given Terraform server.
d. A binary file compiled from another .tf file.

19. What programming language was Terraform written in?

a. Java
b. C
c. Python
d. Go
e. Erlang

20. How do you do a "terraform state rollback"?

a. Run "tf state rollback"
b. Run "tf rollback"
c. Run "terraform state rollback"
d. "tf backout" to remove the changes applied from the previous "tf apply" command
e. "tf unapply nameof.tf" where nameof.tf is the Terraform file you want to rollback
f. There is no supported way to do this.

21. Every Terraform configuration has a minimum of how many modules?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

Find the answers here.

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