How Do You Deal with a Monitor Appearing in the Control Panel of Windows when That Monitor is Not Physically Attached to the Computer?

Problem scenario
In Windows Control Panel for Screen Resolution you see a reference to a monitor. But no monitor is physically attached. The monitor's graphic reference is dark (not a bluish gray) in the visual depiction of the positions of the different monitors. How do you eliminate this extra monitor reference?

Do you need to reinstall a display adapter or video card if there is an extra monitor listed in the Screen Resolution of the Windows Control Panel when no such monitor is physically attached?

Some monitors can connect via Bluetooth and TCP/IP. But assuming that this is not the situation, read the following.

Contrary to what some would think, there may be nothing wrong with your computer. You probably do not need to reinstall the display adapter driver. You simply need to remove this monitor via a simple manual process in the OS.

  1. On the "Display" drop down in "Screen Resolution" (in Control Panel), click on the Display device that corresponds with the integer (e.g., 2 or 3) with this extra monitor that is not really attached.
  2. Go to "Multiple Displays" a drop down just below "Display" referenced in the above step.
  3. Go to "Remove this display" in the drop down box referenced in step #2.
  4. Click "Apply".

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