How Do You Change the Resolution of the Screen Size So You Can See the Entire Window/GUI Application?

Problem scenario
You are using a Windows or Mac laptop or workstation with an external monitor. In the external monitor when you maximize applications, you cannot see the very top or very bottom of the window. You cannot see the lower portion of the bottom toolbar or ribbon. How do you get the resolution to fit in the screen and not extend beyond your monitor's size?

Root cause: The problem is not with the computer; the problem is with the monitor's settings.


  1. Push a physical button on the monitor. (The solution is not with the OS configuration.)
  2. Go to Image Control -> Custom Scaling -> Overscan
  3. Turn Overscan "Off" (instead of "On" or "Auto"). Now when you maximize a window you will be able to see the top of it. It will be like a normal monitor configuration.

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