How Do You Deploy AKS (Azure’s Kubernetes) Using the GUI?

Problem scenario
You want to use Azure's Kubernetes PaaS offering using the GUI. What do you do?


1. Sign into the Azure portal.
2. Click on "Services" on the left.
3. Click on "Containers".
4. Click on "Kubernetes services".
5. Click "Add".
6. Fill out the required fields.
7. Click the "Review + create" button.
8. Click the "Create" button.
9. You are done. If you remember the name you chose for the cluster, you can run "az aks" commands on the cluster if you set up the Azure CLI. If you need assistance with setting up the Azure CLI, see this posting. If you gave the name foobar for the cluster, this command should work: az aks list | grep foobar

If you do not see one of the options that you need in the steps above, you may need to registered your Azure account with greater services. If you want to see the details of what you need, see this external posting.

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