How Do You Find the File That Gives Mozilla Thunderbird Its Settings to Start Over with Thunderbird?

Problem scenario
You have uninstalled and reinstalled Thunderbird. You used CCleaner to eliminate traces of a previous configuration of Thunderbird. You want to have no vestiges of the old data and older email account. How do you get clean start with Thunderbird (like an installation on a new workstation that has never had it)?

1. Open Thunderbird
2. Right click on an email username on the left (e.g., John Doe or
3. Go to Settings -> Server Settings and scroll down to "Local directory" where there is a field and a "Browse" button to the right of the field. Copy the contents of the field like this: C:\Users\jdoes\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\blah.default-release\ImapMail\
4. Copy this text (of the path) in the field.
5. Close Thunderbird.
6. Browse to the directory that is the parent of ThunderBird (e.g., C:\Users\jdoes\AppData\Roaming\ ).
7. Delete the files therein.

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