How Do You Install Jira When You Get an Error about Not Having a Graphical UI or an Error about Using the -c Flag to Use the “console” to Install Jira?

Problem scenario
You are trying to install Jira on a RHEL server (e.g., in AWS).  You run this:

sudo ./atlassian-jira-software-7.8.1-x64.bin

But it gives you an error.  You see a message about not being able to connect to an X server and the -c option will invoke a console method.  You try using the -c flag when invoking the .bin script to install Jira.  The problem keeps happening.  What should you do?

1.  Run these two commands:
sudo yum groupinstall "X Window System"
sudo yum groupinstall 'Server with GUI'

2.  Reboot the server.

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