How To Install Oracle VirtualBox 5.1 on Windows 7 Professional

Problem scenario  Your employer has no licenses for another virtual server.  You need a hypervisor to host a guest VM that runs a Linux OS.  Your workstation is running Windows 7 Professional.  What should you do?

Solution  Install Oracle VirtualBox 5.1. on your workstation. These directions are for how to install it on Windows 7 Professional.

1.  Get the installation media from this link.  Go to "Windows hosts" and download the file.  As of 1/20/17, it is 118 MB.

2.  Double-click the file.  Answer "Yes" to the "Open Executable File?" prompt.

3.  Click "Next" to the "Welcome to the Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.14 Setup Wizard" window.

4.  You can choose where to install it.  You may want to put it on a different hard drive.  But if you only have one (e.g., you are using a laptop), the default installation location is probably fine.  After deciding about where to install it, just choose "Next."

5.  For the next Window, you can unselect any option you do not want.  I would unselect "Create a shortcut in the Quick Launch Bar."  Then click "Next."

6.  Click "Yes" to the "Proceed with installation now?" prompt.

7.  Click "Install" to proceed.

8.  Click "Yes" to the Windows UAC confirmation prompt.

9.  You will be prompted to install this device software.  Choose "Install."

10.  You will be prompted to install this device software a second time.  Choose "Install."

11.  You will be prompted to install this device software a third time.  Choose "Install."

12.  Click "Finish" to the "Oracle VM VirtualBox installation is complete" window.

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