What Do You Do when It Is Too Loud at a Hotel?

Problem scenario
You are at a hotel, and you want to go to sleep.  The freeway, train, or other guest room noise is too loud.  The hotel cannot or will not do anything about the problem.  What do you do?

Possible solutions
You may want to try ear plugs.  But sleeping in them can be uncomfortable.  They can fall out at night. The best solution may be to turn on the heater or A/C. Alternatively you could try turning on the bathroom fan.  This white noise can drown out the problem.  Some turn off when a temperature in the room has been reached.  You can try to handle whichever temperature will likely be unattainable.  It may be uncomfortable, but it is an option.  Some A/C units have a fan option that will remain on independent of the temperature in the room.  You may want to travel with a compact and light-weight white noise machine. There are iPhone and Android applications for your phone to create white noise.

You may also want to install a free decibel meter on your smart phone or tablet computer.  This can be used to prove the noise you are hearing.  You may want to get a baseline in the hallway and move toward the room where the noise is coming from.  Some hotels can be strict about cancelling non-refundable reservations.  A microphone can improve the accuracy of the dB results.  If you have a laptop, you could try installing a free application like this.  If you are old fashioned, you could buy a physical decibel meter.  Sometimes you are not sure if the sound is too loud or not.  Some hotels will listen to polite requests for refunds.  For some hotels, you may need to read about how small claims lawsuits work with a book like this.  Good luck with falling to sleep!

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