You Cannot Connect To One IP-Enabled Device to Your WiFi Router Wirelessly. What Do You Do?

Problem scenario
You can connect the device with a network cable (in a wired fashion) to your network including the WiFi router's physical ports.  The wired connection works.  You can connect other devices to the WiFi router wirelessly.  You can even connect  the IP-enabled device with the problem to other wireless routers.  What is wrong?

Possible Solution #1
See if the incompatibility comes from the WiFi router having an access control list enabled.  If it is enabled, it may not allow your IP-enabled device to connect.  The devices that can connect wirelessly may be on the ACL (access control list).  Once (and if) you disable the ACL in the WiFi, you may need to restart the IP-enabled device (e.g., reboot the laptop).  If your IP-enabled device's wireless adapter's MAC address changed, that may cause it to be blocked by the ACL.  Make sure the ACL is not stopping your IP-enabled device.

Possible Solution #2
If your WiFi does not have an access control list that is enabled, the WiFi adapter on the IP-enabled device may be defective.

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